PCG Equipment is a proud small business operating in the City of Sacramento for 40 years.

Used Equipments

Load Beams

96" x 4" Face

1 5/8" Step Beam Load Beams

Load Capacity 5,100 lbs per pair

Rivetier 11 - Low Profile Boltless Shelving

Height 84" - Depth 18" – Width 36"

Shelf Levels 5 - Shelf Capacity - 350lbs.

5/8" Particle Board Decking

Note:  Assembles fast and no tools needed.

  Used Tire Rack
     3 Tier
     Single Entry
     24 Tire Capacity
     Size 5' Wide x 1' Deep x 7' High
     Sales Tax and Freight Not Included

  Nuts and Bolts Sold By the Pound NEW
     Miscellaneous Sizes
     Cap Screws 1/4" - 5/16" - 3/8" - 7"/16" - 1/2"
     Different Lengths
     No Rust on Fasteners
     Lot Price 270 pounds
     Sales Tax and Freight Not Included

Knight Air Balancer
Knight Air Balancer
Air Operated Wire Rope Hoist

350lb. Load Capacity

Complete with Vacuum Lifting Attachment

Balancer May Be Used as a Hoist or Lifting Unit

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