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Helpful Hints

Pallet Racks

Q: If the fire or building departments were to inspect your existing pallet racking would it pass for a permit?

A: In order for the racking to meet existing CBCM CFC, and Seismic Code, it will need to comply with the following.

Height of Product Storage Not to Exceed 144 Inches Unless the Racking Is for High Pile Storage

Q: Does Your Existing Racking Comply with Required Specifications?

A: Things to Consider:

  • Column Size and Gauge
  • Foot Plate Size and Anchoring
  • Height of Racking
  • Commodity Classification
  • Load Beam Load Capacity
  • Type of Fire Suppression Equipment
  • Transverse and Longitudinal Flue Space
  • Aisle Dimensions
  • Type of Concrete Anchors
  • Back to Back or Single Row Configuration

These are only some of the considerations that have to be addressed when applying for a permit.

We would like to help you in determining if your existing pallet racking would pass code requirements.

Give us a call so we may help you review your pallet racking.

11 Points Prior to Purchasing Used Pallet Rack

The Follow Information and Questions Should Be Asked of Any Person or Company Selling Used Pallet Racking Prior to Purchase.

Used Pallet Racking May Be an Acceptable Option or it May End up Costing You More Money than New. If You Are Purchasing Used Rack or Moving it from an Existing Facility it Is Important to Determine If it Will Pass Existing Building, Fire and Seismic Codes.

Questions to Ask:

  • Do They Have a Business License in the City You Are Located In?
  • Do They Have a Current Resale license If They Are Charging Sales Tax?
  • Does the Racking You Are Purchasing Meet Existing California Building and Fire Codes as Well as Seismic?
  • Is the Manufacture of the Racking Still in Business So Racking May Be Added to When Necessary?
  • Do You Feel Comfortable When the Company You Are Purchasing the Racking from States No Warranty, Returns, Refunds, Credits or Exchanges?
  • Does the Company Want to Sell You What They Have Instead Of That Is Needed for Best Usage of Space Available?
  • Is the Racking You Are Purchasing Fabricated by a Certified and Approved Manufacturer?
  • What Are the Permitting Requirements?
  • What Is the Condition of the Rack You Are Purchasing?
  • Is the Installation Contractor Licensed and Bonded?